Are your countertops in need of a makeover?

Have you lost that love?

  • Do you have CorianĀ® that is scratched or just needs that new look again?
  • Do you have granite that needs to be sealed, or is looking a little dull, or has a chip or two in it?
  • Do you have a laminate top that just needs to go?

All of these problems can be taken care of in a matter of hours, NOT days! We can refinish that solid surface top and make it look like new, we can enhance and reseal your granite, making it shine once again, or we can replace those old worn out laminate tops with Corian, quartz, or granite.

Solid Surface Refinishing information

  • Over time a solid surface (Corian) countertop can become worn, scratched, and just down right dull...don't worry, all can be fixed. We tell people with there new countertops to use them, love them, and not to worry. We can come in and take care of all that "loving" on those worn out tops in a matter of a couple of hours. We come in and sand down the tops with virtually dust free equipment and clean up like we were never there...enjoy!

Granite sealing and enhancing information

  • How to tell if you need to seal your tops...the quickest way to tell is if you place some water on the surface and let it sit for a bit, and when wiped up the area remains dark, it would be a good idea to seal the top. If it's just been a while and you are unsure, it certainly can not hurt to have it sealed.
  • If your tops have got stains in them, don't stress, most stains can be removed,seal your granite top or greatly diminished. We will help determine what stained the top, and take the appropriate steps in eliminating them.


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Free Stainless Sink with every 30 square feet or more of granite or quartz kitchen top.

Not some cheapy thing either...with three shapes to choose from.

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Our Fans

"You couldn't ask for a better group of people to work with.  Everything turned out just as I had hoped.  This truly was easy...I love my kitchen now!"